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On a desert island"

From the creators of the "Island of Heroes" project on TNT
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of heroes

This is a unique exclusive team building activity for successful and accomplished people. This experience is not for just anyone, as those who wish to participate must go through a careful selection process. We guarantee that you will find yourself among like-minded people here.

Reassessment of values that will ensure
you achieve a new level of personal growth
Meeting new
people and strengthening ties
Redefining and strengthening corporate
ties in your team
Adrenalin, emotions
and drive


T This experience takes place on the Mogo Mogo desert island on the Pearl Islands off the Pacific coast of Panama. This is a private territory closed to tourists, which is why the nature of the island has remained undisturbed.

Here, wild white sand beaches come together with impenetrable jungles, natural caves, waterfalls, and streams of clear freshwater.
The project is unique in its creative scenario, developed alongside the most reputable scriptwriters and producers in the world today. When stepping into the game, participants find themselves in the middle of an incredible adventure in which they become the main character of a dramatic plot.
Panama, Mogo Mogo Island

Location of American, British
and Russian survival shows


Survival An international team of game designers, script writers, and producers reconstruct the environment for your full immersion into the atmosphere of the “Last Hero”.
Challenge The contests and challenges are all tested by qualified stuntmen. Although difficult, all activities on the island are completely safe.
Overcoming personal obstacles Reassessment of values and a complete 180 turn in your personal growth.
Digital detoxThere is no mobile or internet service on the island. The only means of communication is the emergency team’s satellite phone.
Organic food Participants must fend for themselves on the lush and eco-friendly island.
Personal film You will receive a personal film about your time on the Island of Heroes. The video is made by a film crew for your personal use.
Safety 24/7 Support from the medical crew and emergency team is provided round the clock. The staff is experienced in survival projects and has continuously ensured the safety of participants on the Island of Heroes for many years.
Hump-backed whales Every year during the project, hump-backed whales come to the Pearl Islands. They migrate from the Arctic Region to the warm waters of Panama to breed.


that changes stereotypical thinking and perceptions of reality. These are emotions you will never forget.
to break away from everyday life, recharge, be filled with energy and feel a new zest for life.
of your leadership skills and endurance. Going through challenges, you will discover new aspects of yourself: unknown strength and untapped capabilities.
that can test your communication skills with other people, or, on the contrary, test your sense of self-reliance when on your own.
in trivial thinking and development of response strategies in extreme circumstances.
on an extreme level in which you collaborate with other players to achieve a common goal. The challenges that you will face go beyond the day-to-day stress of business meetings in claustrophobic offices. Get ready to loosen your tie and roll up your sleeves (or discard your office attire all together).


  • 7 days of living on the island and taking part in the game
  • Competing in contests, quests, challenges, and survival training
  • Large-scale contests throughout the day and ceremonies at sunset
  • Food on the island: seafood, fish, exotic vegetables and fruit, as well as delicacies awarded to the winners
  • An emergency support team
  • The emergency support system on the island includes a rescue team as well as a crew of medical professionals. All staff is experienced in first-aid training and are certified for EFR (Emergency First Response), Red Cross certified
  • A personal boat available 24/7
  • A personal adventure film for every participant
Full-time insurance. You can get your personal cost proposal if you make a query or contact our manager at +1 424 382 77 41.

Feedback from those who visited the island:

Nastya Zadorozhnaya
Film actress
and TV presenter
«This journey will certainly be unforgettable. I would like to return with my friends to see if we can stay friends under such circumstances. This is a difficult challenge, but it allows you to better understand yourself and helps you see other people in a new light.».
Tair Mamedov
TV host,
actor, stage manager,
and scriptwriter,
and ex-resident of the Comedy Club show
«The time I spent on the island has become one of the most significant experiences in my life. The program is cooler than any adventure film, computer game, or talk show. This is what I call truly living!»
Kirill Turichenko
“Ivanushki International”
pop group
"It’s a real pleasure to be on this island and at one with nature like Robinson Crusoe. This is the ideal place for soul-searching. I guarantee that you will return from the island completely changed. I recommend that everybody has this experience at least once in their life."
Evelina Bledans
Film and theatre
«This is a difficult and interesting project and an unforgettable experience. Go, challenge yourselves, meet friends and soulmates and get real drive!»
Aleksandr Matveev
the winner of the “Survivor”
TV show
«If you’re ready for new changes, challenges, and if you want real drive, then welcome to the island! Would I recommend my friends to follow my example? – Definitely, yes!»
Nadia Ruchka
ex Blestyashchie
pop girl group
«I recommend this adventure to everybody in my life, especially if they need to shake things up or hit the reset button. This is an unforgettable experience, and, for the modern person, a necessary one.

The island takes away all your gadgets. My only advice is to relax, let go of your ordinary ways of thinking, embrace the world of the island, and enjoy learning about new sides of yourself.»
Sergey Atanasov
a Tuning House owner
«It is impossible to shake the impression left on me by the island! I think it’s the coolest and most vivid experience that I’ve ever had! I consider myself very lucky! I encourage everyone to take part: if you have a chance to go to this island, just drop everything, take nothing but bare essentials with you, and set forth to have new adventures. I’m telling you, it’s going to be really great! And let me give you a word of advice: just be yourself and don’t be afraid of new challenges!»
Max Pokrovsky
«The hardest discovery for me was about people. So, my thoughts about survival always led me back to my thoughts about society. I still can’t figure out how a person can survive on the island, especially on their own."


Artem Nuzhin

General producer of the Island of Heroes project, and a sound producer with 18 years of experience on domestic and foreign TV.

Asya Nuzhina

Executive producer of the Island of Heroes project, and line producer of Russian TV projects.

Tair Mamedov

Creative producer of the Island of Heroes project, TV host, actor, director, screenwriter, and ex-resident of the Comedy Club. In 2008 he survived on the desert island for 38 days.

Sergey Kovalev

Trauma doctor, member of the Centrospas central airmobile rescue team of the Russian Emergency Ministry, and head of the professional emergency response team.

Leonid Radun

International rescuer of the Centrospas rescue team of the Russian Emergency Ministry, an honored rescuer in Russia, candidate master of sports in rescue, diver, proficient rock-climber, member of many expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, and general manager of the “Otkryty region” R&D center.

Anna Terekhina

Creative producer of the project Island of Heroes, executive producer of TNT4 channel, and author of documentaries and short films.

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